La conversione di Fini

Journey into a right wing without Berlusconi by Salvatore Merlo

The book

Is Fini still right-wing or has he become left-wing?  Why did he enter the Pdl?  Will he stay?  Does he intend to replace Berlusconi or is his aim the President’s palace?  These are some of the questions the books answers by means of a diachronic backstage analysis of the cultural coming of age of Gianfranco Fini.  On the other hand, from the moment of his election as President of the Chamber of Deputies, observers have begun to see a new Fini who probably already existed before, but whose natural and more intimate verve was obscured and oppressed by power politics inside Alleanza Nazionale.  His election to the presidency of the Chamber of Deputies and his joining the Pdl have revealed an overall regeneration, almost an evangelical conversion.
What we have witnessed in the first part of the 2008-2013 legislature is a Fini who not only seeks a personal legitimacy aimed at cancelling his post-fascist past, but who also seeks to mould the characteristics of a new European right without ideologies or Berlusconi.

The Author

Born in 1982, Salvatore Merlo is a political-parliamentary journalist for Giuliano Ferrara’s «Il Foglio».  He has hosted “Tabloid” on the third station of RadioRai (Italian national radio) and a blog on politics,

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