Ogni donna ama un fascista. Diario antimoderno

di Gemma Gaetani

Following the sensation aroused by Elogio del tradimento,
here’s the new sarcastic provocation by Gemma Gaetani.
This time in verse.
The Book
«Every woman loves a fascist». Gemma Gaetani takes this verse by Sylvia Plath and uses it as a filter to observe these decadent western, urban times, providing the reader with new reflection on things, free from easy, popular and majority rhetoric. In five chapters conceived as stations of a tragicomic Via Crucis that touches woman and contemporary society, with candour and daring acumen, the author lends her poetic voice to a woman of our time who wishes she didn’t belong to our time. A woman who wishes she didn’t have to work out of the home and, even less, out of town, but instead at home and for a family. A woman who wishes she didn’t have to see increasingly more morbid television programmes that don’t even respect death, who wishes she didn’t have to remind men that they are supposed to be the strong sex and not the “rampant milksops” that destroy all hope for a girl in search of a real man to build a future with. Calling for a new morale that is neither banally feminine nor predictably feminist, Ogni donna ama un fascista is edifying, verse after verse. Placing today’s woman in the dock, it launches a j’accuse that not many will share but that everyone should read.
The Author
Gemma Gaetani was born in Rome in 1972. In 2005 she published a novel in verse, prose and photographs, Colazione al Fiorucci Store; the pamphlet Elogio del tradimento. Conquista, tradisci, nega!, published by Vallecchi in 2010 caused such a stir that the author secured unusual web collaborations.

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