La Bella addormentata

by Alessandro Gnocchi and Mario Palmaro

The sleeping beauty.
Because after Vatican II the Church has entered into crisis. Because you will awaken.

In 2012 will use the 50th anniversary of the opening of Vatican Council II, Alessandro Gnocchi and Mario Palmaro, two of the most known fighter and Catholic scene investigating the unprecedented crisis that is going through the contemporary Church, revealing the root of drama through an exciting survey. Silent apostasy to moral problems, the Catholic Church is going through one of the most serious crisis in its history. What would cause this earthquake? The authors highlight a crisis of faith that manifests itself in full force starting in the 60 's and that has its basis in the complex season of Vatican Council II. An analysis that resonate, in which, looking back these passionate and relentless pages, the reader will travel to the source of the phenomenon until you find on the bench of the accused men and events deemed untouchable until now, almost real myths.

The Authors
Alessandro Gnocchi, scholar of religious themes in modern and contemporary literature, and Mario Palmaro, philosopher of law, are two of the most known fighter and Catholic landscape. Collaborate with various titles, including ' the sheet ', ' Free ' and the magazine of apologetics «Il Timone». Among the books they wrote together: "bad masters. Investigation on enemies of the truth "; ' Chronicles from Babel. Journey in the crisis of modernity "; "Against the wear and tear of modern secularism"; "I hope that Catholic rest"; "Giovannino Guareschi: once upon a time there was the father of don Camillo and Peppone"; "Tradition, the true face"; "Report on tradition". With Vallecchi, always in the Outposts "Viva il Papa!"(2010).

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