La fine del mondo - VOLUME ESAURITO

Volt / de Turris


The futurist science-fiction novel written by Volt is back in bookshops.

Maker of product: Volt / Gianfranco de Turris

n° pages: 204
giugno 2003

For the first time since its original edition of 1921, The futurist science-fiction novel written by Vincenzo Fani Ciotti alias Volt, is back in bookshops. Through conceived in the Italian early post-war period, full of cultural social and economic turmoil, this work deals in a modern way with a mixture of futurity and politics, scientific invention and ideological discussion. The world of 2247 is prey to natural cataclysms and political uprisings. New York is the seat of a world Government, the Basilica of St. Peter, Rome, is the seat of the United States of Europe. The official religion is Theosophy. The situation of decay is such that many consider the world “too small” for them and want to emigrate to Jove, inhabited by lemurs: animals or conscious beings? A violent debate divides the two sides: on one hand, pacifists, on the other, the dynamic Party (heir to the Futurist Party), guided by the mulatto El Barka and Paolo Forte, the hero of the story. The Private Company that constructed the “eternavi” that use anti-gravitational force, is nationalized in order to prevent their departure. But Paolo Fonte, afflicted by an incurable illness, will sacrifice himself and his army by destroying Parliament and allowing the eight enormous ships to launch off towards the stars. An “impetuous vision” in which adventure, politics, ecological prophecy and scientific invention, eroticism and satire, religion and philosophy are all mixed together.

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