Sergio Scatizzi

Acque di Liriope

The Book
The painting of Sergio Scatizzi is by now well known. An internationally renowned artist, he continues to surprise us for his creative generosity and the many exhibitions on the highest levels. Unknown to most, though, almost hidden, is his literary talent and, in particular, his passion for composing poetic verse. In its historical tradition, with a catalogue that has hosted the contributions of the greatest poets of the Italian twentieth century, such as Betocchi, Govoni, Ungaretti, and Luzi, Vallecchi has decided to render homage to the Tuscan Maestro with a collection of more than one hundred lyric poems, entitled “Acque di Liriope”, edited by Isil Saatçioglu. A love poet par excellence, Scatizzi has learnt Luzi’s lesson, but his verses, which draw on the simplicity of the everyday, attain a surprising depth of experience and capacity to recount. His joie de vivre gushes forth and is mitigated by the recollection of a life well spent, the recurring image of a beloved figure, through the slow passing of the seasons. A flower, a rose, a colour, sky-blue: in synthesis, the tale in verse of an entire life. The book carries an introduction by Pier Francesco Listri.
The Author
Sergio Scatizzi was born in Gragnano in the province of Lucca in 1918. This internationally famous Tuscan painter lives and works in Florence.
In 1950, he took part in the XXV Venice Biennale and began frequenting Rosai, Capocchini, Marcucci, Tirinnanzi and Pregno, all in Florence. From ’55 onward, he began an intense exhibiting activity in Italy and abroad, which he continues, acclaimed by the public and critics up to today. Unforgettable appointments were his personal show, “Gli anni dell’informale”, held at the Modern Art Gallery in the Pitti Palace in ’97-’98, and the exhibition entitled “Immagini”, hosted in the Salone delle Reali Poste of the Uffizi Gallery in February 2006.
The editor
 Isil Saatçioglu, Turkish translator and essayist, a great expert of Italian culture, has translated the works of poet Mario Luzi. Her publications include “L’unità e il molteplice. La poesia di Mario Luzi” for Quaderni del Battello Ebbro.

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