Marilena Lucente

Graffiti animati. I cartoon da emozioni a gadget

An extraordinary voyage inside the cartoons of yesterday and today.

Maker of product: Marilena Lucente

Format: 15X22,5
n° pages: 176
febbraio 2007

Imagine a large wall lined with television sets, all tuned in on cartoons of every kind, while captivated young viewers look on, enthralled. The gazes of adults, though, are captivated, nostalgic and no less enraptured. Today, cartoon characters emerge from their stories and appear everywhere, on the packaging of toys, on snacks, and even on designer clothing. In its aftermath, cartoon imagination has enveloped the world in a sort of transparent film, and has gradually transformed it, setting up house in cities and theme parks, movie theatres, and megastores. Exploring the languages of animation, this book runs from one monitor to another, from one gadget to another. From the satire of the Simpsons cloaked in mystery to the fairytale fantasies by Disney, from the moving walkways that transport cats, mice and rabbits, to the soft puppets from Carosello and the special effects that transform flesh and blood actors into thousands of pixels. At the same time, it tells how we, too, become stories, hosting cartoon characters in our living space, accepting as our own, the time meted out on our TV sets.

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