41° Premio Vasto

Metamorphosis of fantastic

Title: 41° Vast contemporary art Prize
Metamorphosis of fantastic. L'immagine ritrovata

Curator: Floriano De Santi

Format: 21X26 .5
Pages: 144
Release date: July 2008

For the 41 St Edition of the Vast has been set up at the Institute's Vast, Filippo Palizzi from 12 July to September 7, 2008, the exhibition metamorphosis of fantastic. L'immagine ritrovata. Organized by the Committee's vast contemporary art Award and promoted by the city of Vasto, by the expressions of art and culture, with the patronage of the Regione Abruzzo, Chieti province and the Foundation of the Cassa di Risparmio della Provincia di Chieti this important review showcases a hundred paintings, sculptures and works on paper, thirty-five Italian and foreign artists. Search for fantastic art constitutes a genre that reflects on the elusive relationship between man and animal, myth and reality; a theme and a semantic field that the curator, Floriano De Santi, thinks having to bring also to literature. In fact, the man in the sand of Hoffmann, The oval portrait of Poe, La Venus d'ille of Merime ' and are fantastic because texts tell the inexplicable generated by an event that represents a difference compared to the paradigm of everyday life. Such an interpretation can also be extended to the artists present in the metamorphosis of fantastic. The medieval palimpsest of a sui generis bestiary become in modern times the map in which the distinction between sense and matter, between body and spirit, it does not seem possible. On the contrary prevails the indirection, the metamorphosis: an issue of the imaginary, and formerly of the unconscious, which underlines the transformations and mutations, pointing to a spectacular evidence and learned of the image found. The antithesis between Osiris and ISIS and Animal and human is the opposition between light and darkness, order and disorder, which can be found in the works of masters such as Venanzo Crocetti, Giorgio de Chirico, Wilfredo Lam, Umberto Mastroianni, Roberto Matta and Giuseppe Zigaina. Since the expressive stilema duly focused on fantasies and images of a modern bestiary that look to the past through the eyes of the present, authors like Miguel Berrocal, Lilian Rita Cabana, Gaetano Carboni, Giorgio Celiberti, Antonio D'acchille, Giuseppe De Gregorio, Luciana Matalon, Marisa Marconi, Lisa Sotilis and Aldo Turchiaro, provide a very original contribution. But the forms of the fantastic become surprising too figurative work of Valeria Altieri, Victor Amadio, Simone Butturini, Constantine Castorio, Franco Cilia, Emil Ciocoiu, Vincent Dubourg, Victor Ferraj, Caesar Garcia, Vito Antonio Genovese, Stefano, Maria Shines Micozzi, Paul Marazzi, Renzo broom, Fabrizio Saeed, Elio Torrieri, Anna Torriero, Vincenzo Tiboni and Philip Tsiaras, where dreams and visions have the same raison d'etre of real things. .

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