Lombardi / Piccardi

Rumori Futuri

Is it possible to be futurists today? In the incessant noise of today’s li...

Maker of product: Daniele Lombardi/Carlo Piccardi

Format: 21 X 28
n° pages: 128
luglio 2004

Marinetti’s “The Founding and Manifesto of Futurism,” published in “Le Figaro” in Paris in 1909, opened the way to a considerable quantity of theoretical interventions (various manifestos, articles, writings) that laid the bases of a new music in contrast with the “die-hard” musical tradition. Rumori futuri assembles photos, music scores, title pages of books and other images that integrate the panorama, placing the experiments of these pioneers in the historical setting that witnessed and heard the realisation of their innovations. The book accompanies the homonymous exhibition held in collaboration with the Commune of Florence (Spazio BZF-Vallecchi, Florence, December 2, 2003 – January 25, 2004) which combines a rich documentary repertory of period instruments and listening opportunities, in order to reconstruct one of the most fertile and innovative periods that greatly contributed to the development of contemporary music.

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