Viaggio in Birmania. Terra di pagode e colori

Michele Cucuzzella

Albatros Award 2009

The book
This is a journey in Nobel prize Aung San Suu Kyi’s Country, Myanmar, where it’s normal to be poor, the enemy is the government and the religion rules. This is the story of a population that fights in silence. To preserve their innocence, to have their children learn origami and dream about the future a little more.
The author, wandering between golden pagodas and enormous Buddha statues, meets people who are living on the edge of reality. They’re the inhabitants of a Country whose fascinating name, Myanmar, suggests both exoticism and contradictions. Landed soon after the Nargis cyclone, Michele will find troubles and distress, but at the same time a job in a primary school will show him the hidden side of this fascinating place. His point of view, though at a first glance it may seem naive, conveys all the energy of this population, all its simplicity and generosity, all the purity and authenticity of their hearts of witnesses of Buddhism.

The author
Michele Cucuzzella was born in Palermo in 1980. He graduated from Facoltà per Interpreti e Traduttori in Trieste, and wrote his first travel report when he was 8. His love for travel brought him to several jobs: first he was a tour operator in Sicily, then an au pair in a few Countries, and finally a teacher in Thailand and Czech Republic, where he lived for 4 years. Since 2006, he has been cultivating his passion for Asia: he got lost in Laos villages and caves, and visited secluded areas of China, Japan and, finally, Myanmar. He went back to Sicily a short time ago, and now he teaches English. He founded the Small World society, its goal being to promote multi-culture.  

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