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Bangladesh Inferno di delizie


Mass tourism has not yet put ashore here, and very few books have been written about Bangladesh. And yet, anyone who has seen it can never forget it, and tells its story with the level-headed objectiveness of the reporter and the engrossing strength of the narrator.Winner of the Premio Albatros 2007 in the inedited section, this book supports the Progetto Sorriso nel Mondo, a non profit-making organisation of social utility engaged in maxillofacial reconstructions for Bengalese children

Maker of product: Stefania Ragusa

Format: 192
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giugno 2008

In one week: write a piece on the work our surgeons are doing down there, then come back and deal with and fashion. This was her editor’s plan, but Stefania has yet to return from that trip: part of her is still there in Bangladesh and like its shores that every so often are submerged and devastated by the sea, she is overwhelmed by the intensity of a country that is «neither ugly nor beautiful, but simply painful». The type of love inspired by the most polluted place on earth – where “development” has paradoxically exacerbated the thirst of a population that lives on water – can only be understood by doing as she did and donning the three-piece local dress and listening to people speak, at times only observing their gestures. This is the only way to learn of Cheika who studied to find a job instead of a husband, or of Ramon who as a child was taken to live in Holland where his new family mistook his sadness for a disease. «Westerners think that the greatest aspiration of a person born in the Third World is to become like them; I instead believe that the greatest aspiration of every human being is to become himself», he says to her, leaving these words to seal the entire reportage. Hospitals for children and villages of prostitutes, racial prejudice and religious syncretism, atavistic fears and new ghosts: a tale of authentic emotional solidarity which leaves nothing to easy pietisms..

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