Matteo Renzi - Il rottamatore del PD

di David Allegranti


«A yawn will drown us out.
Let’s retire our sorry Pd leaders».
Matteo Renzi
The Book
February 15th 2009, Matteo Renzi wins the Pd primary election for Mayor of Florence and, a few months later, effectively becomes the city’s mayor. The Pd discovers a new face or, at least, one not that old, a Jiminy Cricket who wants to scrap his party’s leaders, and sets about disrupting the classical order of cooptation. With the tone of a quick decision-maker from a pop-populist culture, Renzi takes on several characteristics proper to Veltroni («I grew up with a love for Kennedy and Mandela»). To the public opinion that he talks to on the Internet, he presents himself as a post-ideological leader with thaumaturgical powers for the Centre-Left. From his high school days at the Liceo Dante, where he already wanted to scrap a few secretaries, to the meeting at the Stazione Leopolda that drew almost 7,000 people, to the duels with his party, here is the portrait of a young leader: his tics, communication model, the music he listens to, his border-crossing acumen that makes him interesting even to the eyes of a Centre-Right voter. So it is that the «Obama of the Lungarni» (tr. note: the streets that run along both sides of the River Arno in Florence) – as someone dubbed him – has launched his assault against the leadership of the Democratic Party, though the Cyber Scout will not run to become leader of the Pd for the time being. That is at least what he has repeated since the interview in which he stated that he wanted to retire D’Alema and Veltroni: «Being the mayor of Florence is the most beautiful job in the world». As for the future, who knows?
The Author
Born in 1984 in Florence, where he lives and works, David Allegranti writes for «Foglio» and has written for «Corriere Fiorentino» since its very first issue.


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