Sposati e sii sottomessa

By Costanza Miriano

 Some roles are not to be discussed, under pain of an unhappy family and one’s own discontent. Take it from a wife who is happy, fulfilled … obedient!


The Book:

Even the honestly not impeccable housewife who stoops so low as to defrost the chops under her armpits because it’s late and her four children must have something for dinner other than liquorice sticks, can be a good wife. The important thing is that she allow her husband to be the father, recognise his authority, give him back the largely challenged role of head of the family: in brief, that she be submissive, creatively and happily. This book is for women who suffer in search of their identity, for men who have to regain possession of an identity, and for children who need solid role models. «Women, be submissive to your husbands» is Saint Paul’s invitation in his Letters to the Ephesians, and this collection of letters to girlfriends in trouble recounts the Christian idea of women and of marriage without irritating too much. With a light tone and strong contents, reminding that nail colour hue is important too, it attempts to rid Christians of that sensation of a synthetic blouse or an out-of-tune guitar that has been with them for too long now.


The Author:

Costanza Miriano was born in Perugia, she is 40 years old. She wearily lives in Rome with her husband and four children: two boys and two girls. She is a Catholic and therefore happy to be alive. From ages 14 to 23, she translated Aeschylus and Livy, and then she moved on to the press agencies. She has worked as a journalist at the Italian National Television RAI for 14 years, and is now on the staff of the Tg 3 television newsroom. This is her first book. This is her blog http://costanzamiriano.wordpress.com/about/


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