Se lItalia. Manuale di storia alternativa da Romolo a Berlusconi

Gianfranco de Turris

Title : SE LITALIA. Manuale di storia alternativa da Romolo a Berlusconi
An exceptional “fuori luogo” release to narrate the great events .

Maker of product: Gianfranco de Turris

Format: 15,5X22
n° pages: 480
marzo 2005

What if Remus had founded Rome? If Dante hadn’t written the Divine Comedy? If Leonardo hadn’t been an engineer? If the Italian army had reached Trent in 1917? If Mussolini had been killed after his audience with the king on July 25? If the Grande Torino hadn’t perished at Superga? If Enrico Mattei hadn’t died in the airplane crash? If the attempt on the life of Pope Wojtila had succeeded. These and other hypotheses in the form of a tale, gathered in a sort of “manual” of alternative or virtual history, otherwise defined as “uchrony,” that is, a narrative that answers the question, “what would have happened if …?”. Quite diffused in Anglo-Saxon countries, this literary genre has only recently been discovered here in Italy. Brilliantly coordinated by Gianfranco de Turris, the volume offers Italian readers a fascinating new way to imagine the different outcomes human affairs, known to everyone, could have had, if great or small events had led in different directions in the past.

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