Musulmani in Occidente

Cesari / Croppi

How much does the presence of Islam weigh in western culture? Following th

Maker of product: Jocelyne Cesari/Umberto Croppi

Format: 15,5X22
n° pages: 288
marzo 2005

Several million Muslims today live in the countries of the European Union and in the United States. The experience of a minority condition in a different context constitutes a powerful factor of change within these communities that is silenced, however, by the uproar of international news stories that too often associate Islam with Integralism. The passage from a society where Islam is majority and central, to a “Godless” society, decisively gives a new form to the religiousness of Muslims: privatization and individualization thus become brand new aspects for the followers of Islam in the confrontation with the “corruptive” and “emancipatory” effects of secularised societies. This is the extraordinary change illustrated in the book, enriched by investigations conducted on two continents. The author presents the transformations of Islamic authority tied to the minority condition and the influence of globalized forms of Islam, Wahhabi and Muslim Brothers, in the theological debates and the struggle to impose an Islamic orthodoxy. It also presents, on another front, the emergence of a new intellectual and religious elite, more open and involved in the major debates (democracy, human rights, the woman’s condition, apostasy …) that rock the Muslim world today. A decisive contribution in order to better understand, beyond the stereotypes, the diversity and profound transformations of the many Islams of the diaspora.

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