Marijuana. I miti e i fatti

Zimmer / Morgan

Another text on a strikingly topical issue joins the “Fuori luogo” series,

Maker of product: Lynn Zimmer/John P. Morgan

Format: 15,5X22
n° pages: 304
marzo 2005

Why does a plant used for thousands of years that appeared in western pharmacopoeia through the XIX century, continue to be the preferred target of prohibitionist repression? Zimmer’s and Morgan’s painstaking study responds to this thorny matter with a rich review of the scientific literature asserting the dangers of marijuana. The authors shed light on the dialectical shortcuts employed by institutions like the National Institute on Drug Abuse which, financed by the US government, have wed the propaganda of the “war on drugs” instead of performing a scientific role. Rejecting the logic of stretching data in order to stir up alarmism, and departing from the scientifically indisputable assumption that the evaluation of the “toxicity” of so-called “drugs” can not be absolute, this volume can prove a useful tool for people who work in the area of drugs and drug addiction. The book is enriched by a closing essay by Grazia Zuffa presenting the most recent scientific re-evaluations and international relations which in the past five years have confirmed Zimmer’s and Morgan’s findings. A rich bibliography follows and serves as an indispensable reference for further study on the effects of cannabis.

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