Una passione per Che Guevara

Cau / Cacucci

The Italian edition of "Une passion pour Che Guevara"

Maker of product: Jean Cau/Pino Cacucci-prefaz/Giuseppe Giaccio-trad

Format: 15 x 22,5
n° pages: 144
aprile 2004

Vallecchi has published the Italian edition of “Une passion pour Che Guevara” (title in Italian “Una passione per Che Guevara”) which appeared for the first time in France, in 1978 (Julliard, Paris). An authentic editorial gem, written eleven years after the death of “Che”, that evokes, through a heart–wrenching lyrical tale, the last acts that marked the “passion” and the tragic death in the Bolivian village of La Higuera on October 8th, 1967, after his capture in the Quebrada del Yuro. “Written in the second person – as Pino Capucci emphasizes in the preface to I am a man- this monologue addressed to Che’s ghost has the intimate, confidential manner of someone speaking to a friend while relieving his feelings, in the endless hours of agony when all dreams end, when the heroic guerrillero will end by leaving an image of himself that reminds us of the “Dead Christ” by Mantegna and, consequently, mocks death because aware that in this way he becomes immortal. Jean Cau is captured by the symbology of Christ as well as Don Chisciotte: while “Tiberius reigned in Washington and Herod in Bolivia”, Che “died just in time” and “in beauty” without permitting old age to corrupt the essence of the “wild, unbridled revolutionary”, an eternal “Archangel of the Revolution”… “Una passione per Che Guevara” - Cacucci emphasizes – is a purposely ambiguous title: a passion of the author who, in spite of his own painfully matured convictions and not without paying a high price, continues to nurture admiration for this unbridled man, or a Christian passion obstinately pursued by Ernesto, devoted to immortality? Both.

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