Tito Barbini

The Shadow Hunter. Traveling with Don Patagonia

In South America all know him as Don Patagonia. In Italy only few have heard of Alberto Maria De Agostini, singular figure of missionary, brother of the more well-known De Agostini editore. Don Patagonia was much more: geographer, Explorer, Mountaineer. An unconventional man who testified boldly the massacre of the native South America. Tito Barbini wanted to fill this vacuum and do justice to a character who, as he himself says, "there is a great need to remember". And it does so in its own way, through a fascinating travelogue on the trail of this extraordinary figure. Journey into space, but also time travel, within the personal memories, a style which has accustomed us Tito Barbini since he began his adventure on the page with his book dedicated to Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica, of which this latter represents the natural continuation. The Shadow Hunter is a twilight book that creates correspondences between past and present, questions on indigenous minorities and genocide crimes of the military dictatorship, returning life to the many shadows which populates the story. Shadows of victims and victimizers shadows. Over all, that of a man who sought an alternative to a destiny marked.

The author

Tito Barbini
has a history of commitment and political positions in public institutions in Tuscany, young Mayor in Cortona, then President of the province of Arezzo, Councillor for the region. Today he travels a lot and writes with passion. In the series Off the road has Fallen from the wall, written together with Paul Ciampi and rice and days of rain, his other books are the clouds do not ask permission and Antarctica. Has a personal blog http://lenuvolenonchiedonopermesso.blogspot.com/

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